Thursday, January 30, 2014

Will Florida Be Next?

Floridians will be voting on a proposed constitutional amendment in November that would allow citizens to use medical marijuana to treat debilitating illnesses. The proposed ballot measure was challenged as being deceptive and misleading. However, in an 84-page opinion, the Florida Supreme Court ruled the proposed ballot's summary was sufficiently clear.

Joints for Florida? (Credit Lindsey Brennan/ Associated Press)

The proposed ballot has also received a sufficient number of signatures which has been verified. Therefore, this ballot measure will be addressed in the November election. It appears that there is adequate support to make this ballot measure pass - in a poll 82% said they supported legalizing medical marijuana. 

If the ballot passes in November, Florida could become the 21st state, along with the District of Columbia, to permit medical marijuana. 

Nevada already has a constitutional amendment that permits the use of medical marijuana to treat certain illnesses. And recently a new law was passed that permits the opening of medical marijuana establishments to cultivate and dispense marijuana. If you are interested in becoming a part of Nevada's green rush, contact Connor & Connor PLLC today!

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  1. Nice Post ! I read your your blog about Medical Marijuana and found it very informative. you described every thin in well manner. Thanks for sharing your views...

  2. how cool to read all this! i am originally from amsterdam but living now on the canaries, where I have encountered 2 legal (medical marijuana) coffeeshops. great news!